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Legend Fibre, offering hyperfast, cost effective fibre broadband deals to Huddersfield with speeds of up to 1000mbps, which is likely to be about 1000% quicker than what you have now. We are able to provide broadband to many areas of Huddersfield.

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What will Full Fibre do for you?

Well to put it simply, your home can run more devices, way faster than they do now. This means your favourite programme will not take ages to download or stutter and buffer. If you are a gamer then you won’t get slowed down by lag (those really annoying delays.)

Working from home could not be easier with a Superfast connection, your colleagues won’t have to keep asking what you said and “are you still there, or is that a photo?”

In fact it will be so good you won’t even notice that it’s quietly and efficiently doing its job, and you’ll not be fuming with frustration all the time.

The Difference...

Hyperfast Compared to Bog Standard Broadband

Content Download Average (non FTTP) File size UK Average (non FTTP) Legend Top Whack (FTTP)
High Def TV Programme 600MB 58s 10s
High Def TV Movie 1.5GB 190s 27s
High Def TV Game 60GB 7620s 1060s

* Assuming UK average (non FTTP) being 64 Mbps (Ofcom 2020)
Top Whack at 450MBps - as a minium
File sized assumed for illustrative purposes
Assuming no traffic affect on signal or issues with router


Up to 160mbps upload and
download broadband speeds*  

DGA0122 Router Included 


With up to 160mpbs upload and download speeds, you can download a HD film in under 1 minute. Perfect for families with several connected devices where everyone wants to watch a different HD movie or show at the same time.


Up to 500mbps upload and
download broadband speeds*  

Fastest Wifi router included  


Download speeds of 500Mbps allow streaming of ultra-HD video on around 20 devices at the same time. A standard HD movie can be downloaded in about 30 seconds. Great for gamers too.


Up to 1000mbps upload and
download broadband speeds*   

Fastest Wifi router included   


New! With up to 1000mpbs upload and download speeds, you can download a 5 gigabyte file in 32 seconds, a 4k HD film in under 30 seconds and it’s the blazing fastest speed you can get for gaming. Zero lag, Zero latency, Zero Ping, Low packet loss and no rubber banding.

Fastest WiFi router


Our latest state-of-the-art
routers will give you the
fastest WiFi signal available in
your home*

DGA 4134

  • 1 GE WAN port
  • 4 GE LAN ports
  • Dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi radios
  • 2.4 GHz (2x2) Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax)
  • 5 GHz (4x4) Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax)
  • EasyMesh (agent and controller) enabled
  • Technicolor Navigate mobile app
  • 2 FXS ports for phone or fax
  • 1 superspeed USB 3.0 port
  • 1 high speed USB 2.0 port (optional)
  • Seamless media sharing
  • Extensive remote management
  • Non-service-affecting platform software upgrades (dual bank memory)
  • IPv4 & IPv6 enabled

*For the full terms and conditions click here. | All plans are 24 months | 


Legend's Price Promise: Our Inflation Proof Pricing Means No Price Increases During the Term of Your Contract. Guaranteed!


Be smart and create the future of tomorrow, today with Legend Fibre

The Internet of Things is here. Conserve energy, monitor health, protect your home or just have some fun. 'Smart' devices connect to the internet so you can monitor and control them even when you're not there. Whether you're getting the latest weather intel from Alexa or streaming Netflix on your smart TV, chances are the future has already arrived at your home.

Now, there's huge range of smart devices you can bring into your home; Check who's at your door while you're on the beach, turn down the heating when you're eating out or get the mood lighting set for your return.

Legend Fibre brings you the speed and connectivity to be really smart, keeping your devices in your home connected while you get on with the things that matter, wherever you are.


Stay safe, stay secure, stay connected

The internet, like anything else, is vulnerable to criminal activity. Cybercrime is on the increase so it's essential that you have the right protection to keep you and your family safe.

At Legend Fibre we take your safety seriously, and we know that safe surfing for you and your family is a priority. We've partnered with Webroot to provide you with marketing leading software that provides you with virus protection, parental controls, spam filters and more.

Whether your gaming, shopping or online banking, Legend Fibre's' partnership with Webroot lets you experience the best of the web while we keep you and your family safe and secure (so you can get on with what matters).


Legendary entertainment without interruption

With 4K streaming becoming the norm, you'll need ultrafast download speeds to keep your film nights buffer free. At Legend Fibre, we love a movie night as much as anyone and with our ultra-fast speeds the only thing you'll be waiting for is your popcorn.

Music streaming is already a reality for most of us, but most streamed music is lower than CD quality to make sure your internet connection can cope. Legend Fibre lets you take advantage of the highest quality music streaming so you can listen to master quality music from your favourite artists on multiple devices without your connection even breaking a sweat! That should be music to anyone's ears.

But it's not just music and movies. The future of gaming is turning towards streaming and away from expensive hardware in your home. All you'll need to for a legendary gaming experience is an ultra-fast Legend Fibre connection. At Legend we make sure your upload speed matches your download speed so there's no bottle necks, no lag, and no interruptions to your gaming experience. With Legend Fibre you're set up to win from day 1.

Legendgaming.gg - Where Gaming Legends Are Made.

Don’t get confused by a million different packages.

As a Yorkshire based business we like to keep it simple so we only offer 3 packages, that will suit all needs. Basically all you’ll ever need is Fast, SuperFast or HyperFast. Up to you to choose which.

Our broadband packages will suit your usage based on the number of people in your home and the number of devices. For example if you have a couple of of gamers in your house you will probably prefer HyperFast.

Choose from any of the above. You can always upgrade if you end up discovering Fortnite…

Fibre VS the Old Copper Network?

The old copper network used for years in Huddersfield was never meant to handle the internet.

The Fibre optic cables now used are incredibly reliable as well as fast. Full fibre called Fibre To The Home (FTTH) or Fibre To The Premises (FTTP), which means you do not share your connection like before, when it went to a cabinet and all your neighbours used the same one.

This is literally the speed of light; which for those of you that didn’t know is 186,000 Miles per second. Apparently there is nothing faster...

Smart Home

Looks like we already live in the future whether or not we realise it. Doorbells with cameras, devices you can speak to and ask questions as well as do the weekly shop, you can even turn your heating on and off whilst you are at work. Even your TV is smarter than the average Physics graduate nowadays. Do not underestimate the number of connected devices we already have or will have in the near future.


Gamers love a steady connection so there is no interruption in their games. Lag and latency are the downside of most connections, which is why our Superfast full fibre gamers, tell us they love the fact they can immerse themselves fully without the frustration of interruptions.

Did you know you get free membership to our fab gaming site? – check it out at: Legendgaming.gg


Entertainment buffs amongst you will know that CDs and Viny are no longer what you use to get access to your favourite content. You will now stream your favourite music, movies, TV shows And even your video games. If your full household like to watch and play different things from each other then a good stable, fast connection is essential to save all the arguments about why it is buffering. You will be able to stream to your hearts content when you take out a full fibre service and become a Legend.


More people than ever are working at home now. This will include uploading and downloading information, as well as Video conferencing. We have all been caught out with the meeting freeze where the person you are talking to suddenly become a photograph. It is important that you keep the work life balance by not having to spend half of your day unproductively saying “can you hear me?” Incidentally our service is symmetrical which means our upload and download speeds are the both the same – and for those of you in the know – that is seriously impressive.

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